I offer various conflict management services to support you in the event of business-related disputes. My offer consists of three areas:

Please explain to me your topic in an informal first conversation, and we will see how I can help you. I can also make use of an extensive network of mediators, lawyers and experts, if needed, in order to offer you a tailor-made approach for your conflict or dispute.

Oliver Knura

Mediation between Business Partners

If you have a dispute with a business partner and the situation is so messy that a resolution seems impossible, you may consider mediation. As a business mediator, I support conflicting parties in finding an acceptable resolution to their dispute. Mediation is a time- and cost-saving alternative to litigation or arbitration. The main components of mediation are the exploration of the parties’ interests, an evaluation of the risks associated with alternative courses of action and the negotiation of a workable agreement. The decision to agree or not to agree lies exclusively with the parties. The mediator is impartial and controls the process as well as the communication between the conflicting parties.

In mediation, I pursue a negotiation- and interest-based method with a combination of joint and individual meetings with the parties.

Examples of disputes to which mediation can be applied are as follows:
• Disputes resulting from contract default, such as delays, deficiencies, non-fulfilment of performance guarantees
• Arrears of payment
• Conflicts related to contract changes
• Insurance cases
• Agency agreement disputes
• Franchise agreement disputes
• Disputes over lease agreements

Claim Management and Negotiation

If you have a dispute with a business partner and you want to assert your interests and rights, knowing your strengths and weaknesses, thoroughly examining the facts and properly preparing negotiations are of the utmost importance. I support you in this and defend your interests exclusively. My offer consists of:

• Evaluation of your claims’ chance of success
• Cold eye review
• Development of claims and negotiation strategies
• Negotiation on your behalf
• Defense against claims from your contract partners

Mediation of Conflicts within Your Organization

Especially when your company is going through a change, internal conflicts quickly arise. This not only ruins the working atmosphere but also causes inefficiencies and unnecessary cost. In such cases, conflict resolution through mediation is often a good idea.

• Conflicts between owners of a company
• Organizational change
• Change management
• Scope of responsibility conflicts
• HR topics (terminations, transfers)